Welcome Dr. Richard LaCamera

January 04, 2022
Richard LaCamera, M.D.

Gastro Health and Nutrition Welcomes Dr. Richard LaCamera

With over 24 years of experience, Florida physician joins successful Gastroenterology clinic in Katy, TX

Gastro Health and Nutrition is gaining a highly trusted and well-trained physician, Dr. Richard LaCamera. Dr. LaCamera earned his Bachelor’s in Science in Zoology from the University of Florida in 1987 and completed medical school in 1991. Completing his internal medicine residency at the University of Alabama Birmingham in 1994, he then completed his GI fellowship training at the Medical University of South Carolina in 1997.

Dr. LaCamera will be coming from a private practice gastroenterology group in Palm Harbor, Florida, where he made his home for the last 24 years. Dr. LaCamera prides himself on being thorough, aims to answer all of his patient’s questions, and makes every effort to ensure his patients feel as if they’ve received passionate and accurate care.

Dr. LaCamera was initially board certified by the National Board of Internal Medicine in 1994 and earned his Gastroenterology subspecialty Boards in 1997. He is excited to start treating patients in the Katy community and surrounding areas. Dr. LaCamera is now scheduling patients at Gastro Health and Nutrition and looks forward to sharing successes with you on your mission to achieve total health.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about Dr. LaCamera, send us a message today with our online appointment form or call for an appointment at 713.429.4550. Take control of your digestive and stomach health today with help from Gastro Health & Nutrition and Dr. LaCamera.

Katy Gastro Health & Nutrition: 713.429.4550
1259 FM 1463, Suite 500
Katy, TX 77494
Hours: 8 am – 5 pm

Dr. Verma - Gastro Health & Nutrition's Gastroenterologist.

By Dharmendra Verma

Dharmendra Verma, MD finished his residency training in Internal medicine at the University of Texas, Houston along with MD Anderson Cancer Center, where subsequently, he received subspecialty fellowship in Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition.

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    Hi. Do you accept GPA / imaging 360 insurance?

    • admin

      Hi Amy, thank you for your question! Our scheduling specialist will reach out shortly to discuss our insurance options.


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